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Why I decided to become a therapist
When I was over forty, I started to feel a desire to do something that can help others. It was at this time that I tried treatment at an aesthetic clinic which my friend recommended by chance. I never imagined that the aesthetic therapy could feel so good. “Painful yet good feeling and cured” was the gist of this experience and I thought I could heal my family by learning this therapy. So, I decided to become a therapist.
The therapeutic method of Ryu’s Labo Tokowaka
By flexing stiffened muscles of your face and body while making lymphatic and blood flow smoother at the same time, the swelling will vanish, eyestrain will be gone, your head will be cleared, and your once tired face will light up with freshness. Then, a technique to stimulate bones will activate bone metabolism, which will lead to rejuvenation.
Recommended to those who suffer from the following symptoms
A stiffness of facial musclesSwellingLameness of masseter musclesEyestrainSymptoms requiring scalp careRound shoulders commonly seen in desk workersStiffness in the back and around the shoulder bladeA kink in the neck and shoulders


Ryu’s Korugi 60 minutes

Face, head, decollete, back, neck shoulder

Normal price 14,700 yen

Initial price 9,300 yen

 ♡ There is also deals tickets.

Systemic Korugi 100 minutes

Face, head, decollete, back

Neck shoulder, skill, below-the-knee

Normal price 22,000 yen

Initial price 15,000 yen

 Special Col formic 120 minutes (women only)

Face, head, decollete, back

Neck shoulder, leg Rear Front

Normal price 29,400 yen

Initial price 18,600 yen

If the number of tickets available, is available in two 60-minute tickets

 Legs Korugi 60 minutes (women only)

Leg back, front

Normal price 14,700 yen

Initial price 9,300 yen

It is available at the tickets.

 Soft-tissue release 90 minutes + Kaoatama Korugi 30 minutes (120 minutes)

Stiffness, fatigue, will be the healing of the strongest slimming can upset improvement. We will continue to release the fascia sleep.

 Normal price 25,400 yen

Initial price 18,600 yen

The soft tissue release,

Focusing on McCoy non-F certification salon “twist of the skin”.

The distortion of the “shallow fascia” which is just below the skin to promote the flow of lymph and blood by returning to a normal state, also leads to a normal state until the fascia and skeletal muscle. Make the approach along the fiber (muscle fibers) present in the body. Since it is a new method that does not involve pain, you can receive every day can be carried out regardless of the age.

Fascia slide cupping

Along the spine of the back, approach to have stiff muscles.

To eliminate the stiffness and remove the adhesions of muscle,

It can promote the circulation of blood.

10 minutes 1,500 yen


Back pot

Internal organs = approach to internal organs.

15 minutes 2,000 yen

The Suidama-fascia slide cupping,

Giving a stimulus to the route acupuncture points to be directly connected to the internal organs in the “Oriental Medicine effect” back, to improve the Tour of the Kichisui, to improve the self-healing power enhance the function of internal organs. Thus, stiff neck, back pain, fatigue recovery, as well, and a variety of malaise and gynecological diseases, is also effective, such as the stress is expected. To ease the tension of the muscle, it will return to the maximum normal state the flow of blood, lymph by also releasing the adhesions of the fascia.

Raw collagen + essence introduction

Usually it does not enter the skin,

It will be the only cosmetics in the world that can penetrate the raw collagen in the stratum corneum.

3,200 yen

(Face raw collagen process patent-formulated patent)

Raw collagen pre-care essence C

Essence (raw collagen)

Lotion (raw collagen)

Moist Keep gel (raw collagen)

What is cupping? The effect from the viewpoint of Oriental medicine
Cupping is a technique to stimulate acupuncture channels and points on the back that directly connect to five viscera and six bowels, increase circulation of Ki, blood and body fluid to enhance the function of five viscera and six bowels and promote self-healing capability. Therefore, cupping is effective not only for stiff shoulder, backache, fatigue recovery, but can also be expected to relieve stress. By easing the tension of muscles and even releasing fascial adhesions, this technique restores normal blood and lymphatic flow to the maximum degree possible.


Small face Korugi course 30 hour course  

(5 hours × 6 days)

You will learn Korugi of technology that small face effect is expected.

Basic knowledge of facial also get to learn at the same time.

Course is done in 30 hours (5 hours × 6 days).

Other than the above hours, please negotiable.

<Acquisition contents>

Cleansing sponge work Korugi (decollete face)

Course price 300,000 yen excluding tax

Small face Korugi course 12 hour course 

(6 hours × 2 days)

It is a learning course of your experience for people of facial treatment.

This is, in the case of simultaneous attendance with multiple names there is a discount system.

Please contact us for those who wish.

<Acquisition contents>

Korugi (decollete face)

Course price 150,000 yen excluding tax

Appukorugi course 12 hour course

(6 hours × 2 days)

It is your experience for the course of the facial treatment.

The Appukorugi, is a program for issuing a efficiently and effectively.

10 to 20 generations women and men and muscle we have recommended to those who are tension.

This is, in the case of simultaneous attendance with multiple names there is a discount system.

Please contact us for those who wish.

<Acquisition contents>

Korugi (decollete face)

Course price 150,000 yen excluding tax

Body Korugi lecture course 6 hours 

(6 hours × 1 days)

This acquisition course of body Korugi of each part other than the face.

Also it enables students inexperienced person of facial course.

If you would like to attend each site, please contact us.

If you want additional students after the course is completed,

It will take at 3 hours 20,000 yen.

<Acquisition contents>

Back, arms, legs

Course price 80,000 yen excluding tax

Instructor Training Course Course 10 hours

(5 hours × 2 days)

More than three years of activity is the experience the subject as Koruginisuta.

(Ltd.) to understand the philosophy of the goose, also worthy as Koruginisuta lecturer

<Acquisition contents>

Small face Korugi lecture course, you will be responsible as a lecturer, such as body Korugi course.

Course price 200,000 yen excluding tax

  • Please consult the schedule of lessons.
  • Lessons will be by appointment only.
  • If you would like the business trip course to the noble salon, we have gotten the burden of transportation costs.
  • The payment method serves as bank transfer.

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